Crown Oil Launches Staff Volunteering Days

Corporate Volunteering Benefits

As part of our ongoing commitment to becoming a sustainable business, we’re investigating new ways to be a force for positive change and are amplifying our efforts to give back to our local community. As a result, we’re thrilled to now offer staff volunteering days during working hours.

Sustainability doesn’t just relate to environmental factors. In fact, a sustainable business is rated on three factors: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Corporate volunteering is one such practice that is a key part of the social pillar of ensuring a sustainable business.

While it’s not a legal obligation, introducing a corporate volunteering programme provides a whole host of benefits, including providing staff with the opportunity to develop new skills, as well as giving back to society while working on issues that your team members feel passionate about.

Whether your business is considering a similar initiative or you’re a team member looking for creative ways to support your local community, we’ve set out the benefits of staff volunteering days below.

Demonstrates you share your employees’ values

Have you heard the saying ‘put your money where your mouth is?’ This really carries weight in this scenario as encouraging staff to take part in fundraising activities while at work and paying for them to contribute their labour to a good cause demonstrates your genuine commitment to your company values.

Raises your business profile

Being seen to support charities will increase awareness of your brand and provide the opportunity to build stronger relationships with local organisations, attracting great job candidates and improving your organisation’s reputation. Not only this, but employees will discuss with friends and family about their paid time off to volunteer which further enhances a company’s status in the community.

Boosts employee morale and retention

Paid volunteering proves to your staff that they are valued and have lots to give to the community. This can also boost morale and make your staff proud to work for a company that supports charitable causes in a direct, noticeable way. By allowing staff to influence charitable efforts, choose what they want to get involved with and get hands-on experience with volunteering, they will feel empowered and part of a good cause.

Stronger, more connected teams

Group volunteering days can be great for teambuilding and confidence boosting. Collaborating towards a common goal, particularly when it’s for a charity or community cause enables employees to bond and support each other. This sense of solidarity can be brought back to the workplace with a renewed sense of team spirit.

Uncover new skills and leadership potential

Volunteering can lead to staff learning or developing new skill sets, allowing them to try things they’ve never done before. This contributes to an individual’s sense of worth, enhancing motivation and positively affecting their overall wellbeing.

Skilled support for charities

Giving staff the opportunity to volunteer gives charities and organisations access to highly skilled people that they may not have been able to get previously, and gives team members access to rewarding experiences that they otherwise may not have had.

Check out some of our volunteering days so far!

Age UK – Quiz, Bingo & Helping with Food

Litter Picking – Rochdale Council

RAFC – Painting

Corporate volunteering is one of the most beneficial contributions that an organisation can deliver to support the sustainable development goals of society while improving the ESG efforts of an organisation.

It’s a low cost, high impact initiative that creates tangible benefits to your business, your staff and your local community, and enables your sustainability and charitable goals to align to the benefit of everyone involved.

Want to organise your own volunteering days? Speak to your charity representatives to find out more, or get in touch with local charities to find out what options are available in your area.