Carbon Offset Fuels

Combined with measures to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, carbon offsetting allows you to compensate for your remaining carbon footprint.

Whether you wish to carbon offset your red diesel, white diesel, GTL or kerosene, you can purchase carbon credits which allow you to invest in global projects. These initiatives give an equivalent net reduction of emissions, ensuring there’s no net increase in global greenhouse gas emissions.

The projects can include tree planting, building wind farms that replace coal-fired power plants, funding developing communities and energy efficiency improvements.

All carbon credits are verified

All credits are selected from global projects which are independently certified to Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), CDM (United Nations Climate Change Carbon Mechanism) or CCBS (The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance) standards which are the globally recognised benchmarks for carbon offsets.

What is carbon offsetting?

With every fuel order, whether that’s gas oil, white diesel, industrial heating oil, kerosene or GTL, you can offset the associated carbon dioxide emissions that you can’t avoid or reduce. To do this, you can purchase the equivalent amount of carbon credits (independently verified emission reductions) to compensate for them.

Carbon offset fuel doesn’t require any modifications to your engines or special arrangements to use the fuel. There is no difference to the fuel itself; instead, the little extra you pay goes towards funding carbon-reducing initiatives across the world, effectively counteracting the carbon you release by using the fuel.

How does it work?

  1. Simply ask your account manager about offsetting your fuel, each time you place an order
  2. Based on the delivery size, we’ll calculate your carbon offset contribution and add it to your final bill
  3. Your contribution goes toward global projects such as wind farms and tree planting
  4. You’ll receive a certificate to prove that you’re doing your bit to reduce your environmental footprint!

How can carbon offsetting fuels benefit your business?

  • Can be used to contribute to your company’s carbon reduction commitment e.g. you can include carbon offset fuel in your Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • Complements any other initiatives that you already take to protect the environment
  • Positive PR for your company
  • Can help improve your relations with those who share your concerns, such as local communities and target media
  • Many offset projects improve the quality of life of a developing area e.g. replacing wood-burning stoves with solar ovens in Africa – with no need to collect firewood, there is a reduction in greenhouse gas pollution

Looking to find out more about how offsetting your fuels can help your business reduce its emissions? Get in touch via our quote form below

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