Kleenburn Kerosene

Kleenburn Kerosene meets BS2869 Class C2 standards and has been designed to reduce fuel consumption by improving boiler efficiency, cutting heating costs and reducing unnecessary emissions.

It has been designed as a direct alternative to standard kerosene or 28-second heating oil, and includes additives which are designed to counteract some of kerosene’s undesirable qualities.

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How will Kleenburn Kerosene benefit your business?

  • Reduces carbon build-up in the combustion chamber
  • Fragrance enhanced to eliminate odours
  • Reduced sludge formation
  • Improved fuel efficiency from efficient burner activity
  • Increased boiler performance
  • Ability to mix with any standard kerosene
  • An environmentally friendly fuel with much lower CO2 emissions
  • Compatible with all boilers

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CHP Biofuel

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